Q: Where can I purchase your products?
A: Leapers manufactures shooting/hunting accessories and sells them through distributors and dealers. DISTRIBUTORS/LINKS shows our major distributors that carry our products. Retail customers can also look up our products online. If you know the exact item number of the product you are looking for, a simple web search for the item number will bring up many of our online dealers carrying the product. If you need assistance finding any particular item or retailers in your area, feel free to contact us. If you wish to become a dealer selling our products, you can submit a dealer application on our website HERE.
Q: Are your products made in USA?
A: We design and develop products in Michigan, USA, with full commitment to quality, innovation and best value. Our products are made either here in Livonia, Michigan, or overseas. Currently, our Michigan-based UTG Pro plant produces products such as our Hand Guards, Stocks/Buffer Tubes, Scope Rings/Mounting Systems, and soon to be Made in USA optics line. You can learn more about our State side production under our About US section.
Q: I can't find the product I bought on your website; I saw your product in an advertisement, but can't find it on your website; or I saw a product in your catalog, but can't find it here.
A: Our website lists only current products. If you can't find a product on our website, it may be - 1, discontinued, 2, new item under development. You're welcome to browse our "New & Hot" section on our website for new product information. Please also like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our channel on YouTube for the latest news from us.
Q: I believe I may have a counterfeit UTG product. How can I be sure?
A: A genuine UTG item comes in a well-designed retail package with clear item# and trademark symbols. Depending on the product, there may be product engravings, serial numbers, user manuals and other parts bearing Leapers/UTG marks. Our website shows product information, product image, retail package and other details for easy reference. Counterfeits very often come in plain plastic bags with no brand information or bear other knock-off brand names. Our products always ship FOB Livonia Michigan. Please be extra careful of any products shipping directly from an overseas location. Please contact us if you encounter any suspicious items.
Q: Do you have a walk in store or showroom in your Michigan location?
A: We do not have a walk-in store as we are whole sale only. Our products are widely distributed. You can contact any company listed under DISTRIBUTORS/LINKS on our website for product and purchase information. If you need assistance finding any particular item or retailers in your area, feel free to contact us. If you are in the metro Detroit Area, please contact us and we can give you a list of local dealers carrying our products.
Q: How can I get a user manual for my Leapers/UTG Product?
A: User manual can be downloaded from the product page for your item on our website if one is available. Feel free to contact us if you have any product question.
Q: How can I get a copy of your catalog?
A: Our catalog is printed annually and is intended for distributors/dealers since we do not sell retail. Interested retail customers can download an electronic version from our website - Here. If you wish to become a dealer selling our products, you can submit a dealer application for us to set up an account and mail you the most recent catalog. Our catalog includes all current products and many new development items at press time, as opposed to our website which shows the most up-to-date current items for sale.
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