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Existing testimonials by product categories:

Name:Matthew Ude  Occupation:
Address:Oakdale, CA  Date:June, 2012
“I purchased the scope brand new off the Amazon.com website, mounted it on my airrifle, sighted it in, and now i have really thinned out the varmits in my yard! Most impressive was atleast 75 yards out, didn`t killem had to use a second site upon visual. I will definantly purchase another, my dad is already checking out you`r website for himself. Again MORE than pleased.“

Name:Michael Shea  Occupation:
Address:Sula, MT  Date:June, 2012
“I recently purchased a UTG Tactical red dot scope from Cheaper Than Dirt. After buying other UTG products I expected nothing less than perfection. I was not disapointed. I have it mounted on my S&W M&P 15 in .223. After sending over 1000 rounds down range the site holds zero and shoots groups at 100 meters baseball size. Thank you for great products. I am a life customer. My friends have Aimpoint and some of the other "pricey" scopes and laughed at me buying a "cheap" product. They don't laugh when I hit everything I aim at. And that extra money buys a LOT of ammo. Enclosing my M&P photo. again, Thank you for great products.“

Name:Scott Wagner  Occupation:Network Administrator
Address:  Date:April, 2012
“Just wanted to comment on your UTG 3x Magnifier SCP-MF3WQ. I purchased this over the weekend and could not believe how nice the optic is. I compared it side by side with and EOTech 3x magnifier and your optic beat it hands down. The field of view is large, the glass is crystal clear, and the eye relief is perfect. The EOTech was tunnel vision with a tiny field of view, hazy glass, and eye relief was nonexistent. You really have a quality optic for a fantastic price and I would buy it again if anything ever happened to mine. After my astonishment of the 3x model and its performance I went online to find if you had any more magnifiers at higher powers and was disappointed to find that there were none besides larger/longer scopes. I paired the 3x with an EOTech 512. My hope is that you will produce some 5x-10x models with the same great performance and quality of the 3x. I would be first in line to purchase them. As a side note I was so impressed with the quality of the product/brand that I ordered a bipod that I was already in the market for. You have a new customer that will return for products…hopefully I can return to find some additional powered magnifiers!“

Name:Mark Belliveau  Occupation:Smith & Wesson’s Defensive Tactics Instructor
Address:Springfield, MA  Date:April, 2012
“The rifle scope that I got from you for T & E . John first let me say that the test was conducted in two different schools over seven day of continuous shooting in cold than humid down pours and the scope was exposed not only to the change in weather but also mud, sand, and gravel. This scope did not once fog up and kept its clarity during all of the climate changes, also I might add the some of the shooter using other optics had malfunctions with fogging up due to the rain. Secondly all the turrets remained true and the side focus was very workable even during stress firing drills at different yardage. The mounting system (rings) that come with the scope help up . I worried about the Max Strength Rings when I first saw the twist locks, but after the first Twenty or so rounds all my doubts were gone. I fired over approximately 350 rounds and not once did the mounting system fail. Given the weather conditions along with the range conditions, this scope performed flawlessly and I would and am highly recommending this scope and mounting system to all professional personal . Thank you for the opportunity to T&E this product. “

Name:Mike Horan  Occupation:Ironworkers Local 40
Address:Port Orange, FL  Date:July, 2011
“A few years ago my wife purchased an Armalite AR-15 that had been converted to fire 7.62x39 (AK-47) ammo for me. It came with a Leapers 4x32 Red/Green Illuminated Mil-dot scope. I had never heard of Leapers before and as such I didn't expect much from the scope, honestly I figured I'd end up swapping it out for a better known brand. How wrong I was! Once I sighted it in I was AMAZED at how well it performed it turned my rifle into a tack- Every time we go to the range I routinely maintain sub-MOA groups at 100 yards (the farthest distance at my local range) and more often than not I find myself "keyholing" shots. The scope came with the rifle so I'm not sure what it cost but it was worth every penny in my opinion. At the range yesterday I embarrassed a friend of mine who was using an AR-10 with a Leoupold scope whose capabilites FAR exceed my Leapers. I simply must thank you for making a quality product with a low price point, and i REALLY thank you for helping me embarrass my friend with his $1,300 scope, the look on his face was simply priceless!”

Name:Christopher Tomchik  Occupation:Pharmacist
Address:Johnstown, NY  Date:November, 2010
“A year ago I bought a .270 win for hunting and spent my entire budget on the rifle. That left me looking for a cheap get through this season scope. Fortunately, I did more searching than just the local big box store and found Leapers. I ordered the SCP-394FDRL3-A because of the low price and great features hoping only to hold some target size groups at 75 yards and not have an “air gun” scope destroyed by recoil. I was surprised when the scope zeroed in easily and accurately with no damage despite the recoil. Then, at the end of the hunting season after miles of walking and knocking around in the woods it was still dead zero. I was so impressed that I bought the same scope for my high power air gun, tossing out the one that it came with. Great quality at an excellent price.“

Name:F. De Moraes  Occupation:Project Manager
Address:LAKE ELSINORE, CA  Date:May, 2010
“I purchased two of these red/green dot sights; one for a modified 10/22 and the other for a modified SKS. Both are working as advertised and are holding up well. Thank you.“

Name:Ritchard Markelz  Occupation:Sr. Director - Entertainment Software
Address:Temecula, CA  Date:March, 2010
“Excellent Product I placed a SCP-T169 on my Colt M4 22lr and it was amazing - right out of the box, needed some sighting. Put 350 rnds through on the first day and still hitt metal targets at 25yds. Keep up the great work, it is hard to find this kind of quality at such an affordable price. I would be willing to test any of your scopes on my STG58C .308 :).“

Name:Joseph Golden  Occupation:Radio Technician
Address:Pomona, CA  Date:October, 2009
“I purchased the scp-t-169 model for my stag arms 6.8mm spc ar-15 carbine rifle. It works great. I shoot standing , bench and prone w/ bipod (the main one I prefer)to 100 yards as well as hunt out to 100 yards prone position. A couple of weeks ago I went hunting wild boar to see what the scope can really do. I shot a 160 pound boar In the the prone shooting position w/bipod. Took him down at 80 yards (using a rangefinder) one shot in the chest cavity. The optics are very clear. I used hornady 110 gr. v-max ammo by the way. Good scope all around for the price. I posted a pic shooting at the range after the scope was dailed in.”

Name:Ulysse Didier  Occupation:French Police Officer
Address:Paris, France  Date:July, 2009
"I'm a 43 year old French police officer working as shooting instructor in Paris.I practise shooting since I'm 15 both with handguns and rifles. I recently purchased a Leapers 4x20 combat style Mod 15 for my SDI AR15, to be used during an official service match competition at 200 meters. I've saw this nice scope during the last IWA show. I wanted to tell you "Thank you" for this great product who permitted me to win the first place, during the Cup of France of service match shooting, in modified division with 192 on 200 points possible. (the last record was at 187 points). I know I can trust in my leapers scope, and I'll recommend it to others if asked. I can follow you some pictures and official results if you want.”

Name:Shawn English  Occupation:Retired River Worker
Address:Royalton, IL  Date:January, 2009
“I just got one of your UTG 4X32AO scopes today for my .22 airgun and I'm very impressed, for the price I paid for it, it far surpasses the quality I expected, I have other much higher priced scopes on some of my firearms and they aren't any nicer than yours, in the future if I need another scope I will be buying a Leapers instead of a Bushnell, Nikon or Leupold. While the other have some nice products they are far more expensive and no better than yours, thank you for making such a affordable product that is so nice,
sincerely Shawn English”

Name:James M Hall  Occupation:Retired Firefighter
Address:Fortson, GA  Date:January, 2009
“This scope is awesome, I mounted it on a ruger air hawk and I zeroed it in at 35 yds. with 8 shots. This scope has all the bells and whistles and it is the best scope on the market for the price. I love it!”

Name:John Parick Gala  Occupation:Customer Care Representative
Address:Laredo, TX  Date:July, 2008
“……i just came across your website recently after my purchase of the Bug Buster series scope... man.. i am surely content... this thing is amazingly accurate... the Mil-dots are a great reference point when taking on long range targets... is used on my Mendoza air gun... which has already knocked a few scopes out of zero.. but not your scope .. even with a double recoil air gun.. the scope remains @ zero.. not matter if I'm shooting squirrels @ 40-50 yards.. or using the 4th mil dot to hit Mini-clays out @ 80-90 yards.. overall great platform for an airgun/ 22LR scope... can't beat it for the Price...”

Name:Khu Xiong  Occupation:
Address:Lompoc, CA  Date:July, 2008
“I have purchased the older version of the Leaper Accushot scope 3-12x44 full size without the Illumination at David's Collectibles, mounting on the 7mm Remington Magnum Model 700 BDL for nearly two years now. I recently went to the open range, the scope works flawlessly and I am happy with it.
The scope holds its zero and I was able to hit dead
center at 542 yard target with couple adjustments. The longest one shot kill I have made of a deer was approximately 325 yards, and the closest one shot kill was approximately 23 yards. Thanks to Leaper
I don’t have to purchase other expenses scope to
make these kinds of shots.
Another thing I like about this scope is its clarity. I was able to see the bullet hole that hit the side of a deer at approximately 325 yards away with the confirmation of my nephew. Well made scope and with a reasonable price. I have made many recommendations and many of the Accushot scopes have been purchased by my brothers and friends. “

Name:Shawn D Phillips  Occupation:Law Enforcement Officer
Address:Loganville, GA  Date:February, 2008

Mounting Systems

Name:Keith  Occupation:
Address:Norfolk, VA  Date:October, 2014
“ Purchased as set with scope for Zastava PAP M77 PS. Fit on rifle and finish is excellent. Easy to install. Thank you. “

Name:Wil Dorsett  Occupation:Mst Sgt, Training and Field Ops Division, LSO Owne
Address:Lynchburg, VA  Date:October, 2014
“ I am a Master Sgt with the Lynchburg Sheriff's Office in Lynchburg VA. I run all of our Use of Force training, including our Patrol Rifle program. I also run a small training company for LEO and civilians. Recently I was looking for a rail system that was longer than the standard carbine handguard, light, and sturdy. I had been using the UTG drop in quad rail that goes over the front sight base. I liked the longer rail on that one, but it was a tad heavy. So, some research done, and many options looked at, I found your 13" free float super slim rail (MTU006SS) I found it on Ebay for about $109. I figured I couldn't lose. If it wasn't good, I'd just toss it on my airsoft training replica... So I got this rail, had it installed on my Rock River Arms Entry Tactical. The fit was dead on perfect! The smith didn't have to use the supplied shims. The look is incredible! Thin, and the perfect length for my 16" carbine. So, the proof being in the pudding, I took it to the range for a training day. The rail stayed solid, never to to hot, even after extended strings of fire, and was the perfect fit for my hand! I am extremely happy with my purchase and will definitely be recommending them to others! Of course the problem now, is that I have to get one to put on my replica training rifle!!! “

Name:Steve Murphy  Occupation:Clinton County Special Operations Team Commander
Address:Clinton County, MI  Date:May, 2014
“We purchased the Michigan made UTG PRO MTU015 for our team rifles and found the quality, fit, and function to be an outstanding value. Compared to more expensive models the UTG PRO MTU015 holds its own, was easy to install and had no loss of accuracy. We would recommend UTG Leapers Inc. forward rails for those wishing to upgrade their rifles with an improved forward rail. Made in Michigan, rock solid performance, easy installation, and great price point, what more can you ask for.“

Name:Michael,Winters  Occupation:High School Physics Teacher
Address:Oro Valley, AZ  Date:February, 2014
“Hello, I just finished shooting my rifle for the first time with my new MTU001 quad-rail forend and I have to give you some feedback on it. First, the appearance of the item is very aesthetically pleasing and the color is a spot on match with the rifle (It looks like factory original equipment). The aluminum material feels very rugged and durable and quality of craftsmanship is obvious from every angle. I was also pleasantly surprised to find the included rail covers were quite a bit tougher and of better quality than I expected. I mounted the MTU-001 on a DPMS-Panther A3-Lite (AR-15 style rifle platform) and it fit as though it was custom manufactured for my particular rifle. Not enough good things can be said about the two-piece design of this forend. After spending 15 minutes wrestling with the D-ring to remove my glacier guards, I had the MTU001 mounted in 2 minutes flat with no effort at all. The fit is perfect, with absolutely no wiggle or play at all between the forend and the rifle. I mounted a "Grip-Pod" and a flashlight for the first day at the range and both items feel like they are integrated into the rifle as a single unit. I am so pleased with this item I am eager to purchase more Leapers products in the future! I have your website in my "favorites" list and will turn to you first when I begin research on my next purchase. THANK YOU for being a "made in America" company, thank you for putting out a product that surpasses expectations, and thank you for an unbeatable value at a great price. Please feel free to use my comments in any way you see fit on your website or in advertising and do not hesitate to contact me if needed. Thank You,“

Name:Dan Galligan  Occupation:Retired Police Officer
Address:Pomona, CA  Date:June, 2013
“WOW, that's all I can say. I found your product through ARPartsFinder.com, and bought it, because I thought it was going to be a cheap, easy replacement, for the polymer forearm, on my AR. CHEAP, is not a very accurate description. Inexpensive, yes, cheap, no. This is a great product. Especially, for those who want a high quality product, at a reasonable price, that doesn't require, disassembly, and reassembly, of the entire upper receiver, to have a free floating, quad rail setup. This is inexpensive, easy to install, and high quality. But, MOST IMPORTANTLY,it is made in the good old U.S. OF A.!!!! Thank you, for a great product, at a fantastic price.“

Name:Franklin Blakely  Occupation:
Address:Liberty, MO  Date:April, 2012
“I just installed the 416se rail on my DPMS AR and am totally amazed with the quality of this rail. To say it fit great would be an understatement, it dropped in easy and there is absolutely zero movement in the rail. This is my first UTG purchase, and I could not be happier with the product. Thanks for bringing some production to the US, and offering a quality product at an unbeatable price!“

Name:Dennis Mustian  Occupation:Electrical Engineering
Address:Belmont, NC  Date:June, 2010
“I just wanted to let you know that I visited the Leapers booth at the NRA Convention at Charlotte, NC, May 15, 2010.

I liked the rail systems that were on display for the AR-15s. I subsequently purchased the following Leapers items from one of your distributors: MilSurpStuff.com (Mad River Knife & Supply) - How did they come up with this name is unknown to me-ha.

Leapers UTG MTU001 PRO 4/15 Carbine Length Quad Rail System. I liked the wider/longer air openings than found on most other brands. With my experience, it appears to keep the barrel cooler than the standard mostly closed hand rail. Plus this has a solid rugged feel to it. Fitted easily and perfectly to my AR-15.

Leapers UTG MNT-BR002S Universal Single-Rail Barrel Mount.

Leapers UTG TL-BP88 Tactical OP Bipod. Well impressed with this. I have friends that have bipods that are simply too flimsy and not as stable as your model.

I am "extremely" happy with the above Leapers materials.

I was "very impressed" with the way you handled my issue with the scope and this is why I did not rule out Leapers as a source for my AR-15 accessories. I no longer have any issues with using Leapers equipment.

Anyway, I just want to make it clear that Leapers didn't lose me as a potential customer. I think my shooting buddies will be purcashing some Leapers AR-15 Accessories in the near future.

Best regards.“

Name:David S Bradley  Occupation:Supplier
Address:Long Beach, Mississippi  Date:January, 2009
“Comment:very very happy with the UTG quad rail for AK47. looking for a carbine length FAL version. thanks!”

Name:William H Woodruff  Occupation:Construction Worker
Address:Lakeville, NY  Date:August, 2008
"I just wanted to thank you for making a product that does an excellent job at correcting a problem with mounting scopes on RWS air guns. I have purchased 3 for use on 3 of four of my RWS air guns and found them easy to mount and they work as advertised.

Name:William H Woodruff  Occupation:Construction Worker
Address:Lakeville, NY  Date:August, 2008
"I just wanted to thank you for making a product that does an excellent job at correcting a problem with mounting scopes on RWS air guns. I have purchased 3 for use on 3 of four of my RWS air guns and found them easy to mount and they work as advertised.

Name:George S Hoke  Occupation:
Address:Idaho Falls, Idaho  Date:July, 2008
“I just purchased a MT951 flip up sight for my flat to AR. Great product! Well made, easy to install and works great in its intended application.I own one of your scopes and found it to be very good value for the price.
I now have an AR-habit so I will try more of your great products as things develop.”

Flashlights and Lasers

Name:Chris McLean  Occupation:
Address:Houston, TX  Date:July, 2009
“The items I purchased were: Model # LT-EL338 and
SCP-395AOMDLTS. I work for the Houston Police Dept. in Houston, Texas. Just recently it has been approved by the Department allowing officers to add lights to their M4 Carbines and Tactical Shotguns. I have to say I like the UTG lights more so then the Surefire, especially the price. If I'm able to order form Leapers I would discontinue buying from SureFire since.

Last night we drove around the property shooting 13 of Wild Hogs. The combo of your scope and light made it very easy to do so. It was like looking through the scope during day light hours.
I'm sure many of our tac units and officers will want your lights.”

Name:John G Herman  Occupation:Technician
Address:Wentzville, Missouri  Date:January, 2009
“Just purchased your LT-ZL337 tactical flashlight. Wow, it's great. My wife even wants one now. I would like to get a spare bulb assembly. Do you sell direct or can you tell me who stocks the 37mm Xenon Integrated Reflector and Bulb for LT-ZL337
(IRB-ZL037)? So far, searching the web, I have not found anyone who carries the replacement bulbs.

I am a 53 year old Technician for Siemens Medical Solutions. I repair and maintain CT and PET scanners. This is not the first Leapers product that I have purchased. I started buying your products for my son and myself for playing airsoft. The quality was so good that I began buying your products for use hunting and shooting. Your quality is comparable to other brands that charge much, much more. And your product designs are well thought out for practicality, use and durability.

Another product that I just recently bought was your 10/22 magazine quick release. My Dad bought me my Ruger 10/22 for my 12th birthday. It was the first gun I owned. I loved (and still love) that rifle. But, I never liked the factory magazine release, especially when wearing gloves. I had put off buying an aftermarket extended release because all the ones I found were plastic. When I saw yours in a catalog (Cheaper Than Dirt) and it was METAL I immediately purchased one. WOW (I seem to say that a lot about your products!) what a difference it made getting the mag out. Now a simple push and it drops right out.

Well, enough of that. I thank you for your quick response and especially for making available high quality, reasonably priced products.

Tactical Armor

Name:Edith  Occupation:Editor-in-chief
Address:Solon, OH  Date:December, 2014
“ The UTG Vital Chest Pack has changed my life. Instead of carrying a purse, I now put on the pack. Unlike a purse, the pack stays put and doesn't need constant monitoring or adjustment. It quickly slips on, and I go about shopping and even driving! I don't to have put it on the car floor or the seat, where it'll slide around and things will fall out of it. Everything's at my fingertips. When I drive up to the ATM, I don't have to search for my wallet or scramble to find my purse that slid to the back of the car. It's all exactly where it was when I left home. Most importantly, my Glock plus a spare mag easily fit in the back of the pack. A quick unzip, and I have immediate access if needed. When I come home, I slip the pack's carry loop onto a wooden hanger and hang it in my closet. I've literally looked at 1000+ purses, and none give me the space or convenience of the UTG Vital Chest Pack. It's the answer to a 6-year quest. Perfection!“

Airsoft Sport

Name:JP  Occupation:Professional Airsoft Product Reviewer
Address:Matteson, Illinois  Date:April, 2008

"After testing several other various brands of spring guns I have to say that I have not found a better value in a spring gun, both in build and enjoyment. The 3 shot spread is excellent and is less then half the price of its competitors. UTG has done a great job of making both an inexpensive and fine performing airsoft replica. Personally I am on my second one as one my teammates insisted on using the original one I purchased for the review. For the price you won’t find a better 3 shot shotgun."

Name:JP  Occupation:Professional Airsoft Product Reviewer
Address:Matteson, Illinois  Date:April, 2008

"Built like a tank!” Thats the first thing that comes to mind when you first pick up this AEG . The UTG M4 is one of the most realistic and heavy duty AEG’s that I have reviewed up to this point (also its built in the USA). Another great feature is the ability to house a large type battery in the lower hand-guard, not to mention full on built in quad rails. If your looking for a realistic feeling,heavy duty M4 AEG at a reasonable cost, then look no further!"

Name:Dustin C McClellan  Occupation:Professional Airsoft Product Reviewer
Address:Midvale, Utah  Date:April, 2008
"I have compared this airsoft rifle to numerous models and brands like Classic Army, Tokyo Marui, J&G, G&G and many more. It construction is so durable that if I wanted to wield it like a bad I could hit a home run with it.

We were filming a video when some police showed up and after going through the whole precaution thing they were completely and utterly amazed at the Model 4 tactical. The were totally convinced it was an actual M4 assault rifle until we gave them a chance to shoot it. They were even jealous of us.

The Model 4 is everything that I would want in a gun at an excellent price let alone its constructed in the USA making me feel even more comfortable knowing that if I did have any kind of problem with it I wouldn't need to send it to china.

I own one and I have three friends that own them as well. Our little group has amazed the biggest local team who is sponsored by the US Army with our hardware.

Thanks UTG for building one of the best guns in the market! "

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